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How to Create and Share Your Wishlist on ShopZenDesigns.com in 4 Simple Steps

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Are you eager to create a collection of your favorite items on ShopZenDesigns.com and share it with your loved ones? Follow these straightforward steps to turn your browsing into a personalized wishlist!

Step 1: Explore the Product Categories
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Navigate to the ShopZenDesigns.com homepage and click on shop.

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Start by exploring the diverse product categories on ShopZenDesigns.com. Whether you’re into Beadwork Products, Fine Art & Photography, Hand-Woven Baskets, or Soapstone creations, our website has something for everyone. Browse through the product categories to find items that catch your eye.

Step 2: Filter by Category

To streamline your search and find the perfect items to add to your wishlist, use the category filter.

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  1. Click on the desired product category from the list provided. For example, if you’re interested in Hand-Woven Baskets, select this category.
  2. Explore the products within the chosen category.
Step 3: Add Items to Your Wishlist

Once you’ve found a product you love, it’s time to add it to your wishlist.

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Click on the heart-shaped icon, often located near the product description or image.

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Watch as the heart icon fills in, indicating that the item has been successfully added to your wishlist.

Step 4: Access and Share Your Wishlist

Now that you’ve created your favorite items, it’s time to access your wishlist and share it with family and friends.

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Look for the “Wishlist” option and click on it to view your collection.

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Find the “Share” button within your wishlist. Share the generated wishlist link with your loved ones, allowing them to explore and enjoy the items you’ve selected.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created and shared your wishlist on ShopZenDesigns.com. It’s that simple to turn your favorite finds into a personalized collection to share with those you care about.

Happy shopping and sharing!